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Benchmark Lawyers, continues with post Covid growth spurt, by also merging with Metro Conveyancing, a significant presence in the conveyancing market of Sydney for over 12 years under the tutelage of principal Murray Groom who provides “consistent excellence and care in execution” (direct quote from recent client).

The official announcement was made 1 June 2022. The move to merge with Metro Conveyancing first started when Anthony and Murray discovered that, together, they can increase their specialties of law, grow their geographical range and implement technological solutions to a client base which often sees transactions moving between the two businesses, and to do so while maintaining firm culture, and strong work ethics.

The process took three months to finalise and the deal was signed on 1 October 2021. Relocation and renovation works are now complete, with an extension to Benchmark Legal Groups - Benchmark Patrick Hargraves & Co - and Metro Conveyancing all operating from the Maroubra office to include, whilst retaining Metros' Rosebery offices.

A second fantastic opportunity presented itself when the principals of two leading offices decided to merge their resources and expertise to create the largest conveyancing firm in Rosebery and Maroubra,” said Principal Anthony Liberiou of Benchmark Lawyers. “We have collaborated well in the past and look forward to more of this as the merge concludes and we act under one umbrella.”

The merge with Metro Conveyancing fits into the Benchmark Legal Groups strategy to provide the best legal experience for clients. By merging with Metro Conveyancing, Benchmark Lawyers expands its property division, streamlines its processes and provides a range of legal services, to a larger audience, under one roof.

There was little doubt in my mind to execute a merge” said Anthony, who shares the same service delivery and ethics as Murray. Anthony added that he knew from the outset that a merge would see both businesses benefit from shared expertise and the consolidation of resources.

Benchmark Lawyers has operated successfully in Maroubra and Sydney with a range of qualified and renown solicitors with over 30 years of experience, specializing in the following areas of law:

Conveyancing and Mortgages

Litigation and Representation in court

Small Business

Wills Probates and POA

Divorce and family law

Should you require advice or service in any of the above areas, feel free visit us at our Maroubra office Suite 201-203/806-812 Anzac Parade or call us on 02 9344 8383.

You can also find further information at or

Media Contact

Nicky Dry

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