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Patrick Hargraves & Co and Benchmark Lawyers have merged to create one of the largest law firms in Maroubra and the Eastern Suburbs.

While Covid forced a worldwide shutdown and halt to many industries, 2 of the best in the industry worked overtime to ensure that the end of the pandemic, would pave the way for growth and bring about the opportunity to provide assurance during a time when clients need it most.

The merger and extensive office remodelling has been taken place, everyone is now operating under one roof and one banner within the Benchmark Legal Group - Benchmark Patrick Hargraves, from the offices at 806-812 Anzac Parade, Maroubra.

“A fantastic opportunity presented itself when the partners of two leading law firms decided to merge their resources and expertise to create the largest law firm in Maroubra.

The unparalleled expertise of Angelo Hatsatouris OAM, John Kenny and myself with 20 experienced staff will guarantee our clients access to a broad range of legal services “as quoted from the Managing Partner, Anthony Liberiou.

Our clients have access to the best Lawyers in Estate Planning, Conveyancing, Residential and Commercial Property Matters and also Criminal Law.

The merger with Patrick Hargraves & Co fits into Benchmark Legal Group’s strategy to provide the best legal experience for its clients.

Benchmark Lawyers has operated successfully in Maroubra and Sydney with a range of qualified and renown solicitors with over 30 years of experience, specializing in the following areas of law:

Conveyancing and Mortgages

Litigation and Representation in court

Small Business

Wills Probates and POA

Divorce and family law

Should you require advice or service in any of the above areas, feel free visit us at our Maroubra office Suite 201-203/806-812 Anzac Parade or call us on 02 9344 8383.

You can also find further information at or

Media Contact:

Nicky Dry

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