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Divorce and Family Law


We understand the importance of providing our clients not only with expert advice, but also with guidance during an often a difficult period.


Benchmark Lawyers are committed to helping you resolve your matter promptly, cost-effectively and whenever possible, without litigation.

Benchmark Lawyers can provide assistance for a range of matters relating to family law and de facto relationships, including

  • Divorce

  • Property Settlement

  • Financial Agreements

  • Child Support Agreements

  • De Facto Relationships

  • Same Gender Relationships

  • Children’s issues (Parenting, contact, relocation, child support)

  • Injunctions against removing children out of Australia

If you have recently separated and there is little chance of resolution you will need to consider the division of property, care and support of dependents and the actual legalities. 


If you are looking into divorce proceedings, or have any other questions related to family law, contact Benchmark Lawyers in Maroubra to help talk you through the processes. 

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